Santorini’s unique nature gives the perfect location for filming and professional photo shoots.


Event Filming:
We make sure that you get a top quality video of your event.
Filming services provide coverage for any event that takes place in Santorini and the Cyclades, including conferences, ceremonies, seminars, interviews and concerts.
You can keep a record on Digibeta, Blu-Ray, DVD, or Web Media. Using professional equipment and wireless microphones we make sure you have a quality product that documents your event the best possible way.


Corporate Videos, Making off:
We create videos that tell a story about your experience while living and recording at the Black Roc Studios. The final cut can be for your personal use or it can even help your project to sell. We can create a video for your demo or a shot documentary/making off.


International productions:
When a foreign film crew chooses Santorini and the surrounding islands for film & video shooting we provide:
-Location manager services & location library.
-The necessary permits and the other government formalities.
-Casting, local crews, styling.
Services include production coordination, production manager, budgeting, transportation, accommodation, travel and logistics planning.


Still Photography:
We can cover you to stay at the Black Rock Studios with professional shooting, providing you with commercial photographs and documentation of your activities.